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Cheap Cookin'

Ingredients, Recipes, and Discussions for Affordable Food

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Share recipes, tips, and discussions for eating on a low budget.

This community is a gathering place for people who like to cook and eat food that can be prepared on a very low budget. Both vegetarian and meat dishes are welcome. Both "healthy" (modified to reduce fat, sugar, salt, etc.) and "full-nutrient" versions are welcome. Anything that can be safely eaten by humans, even if it's something that not everybody considers acceptable to eat (beef tongue, potato peelings, etc.) is welcome. Use your imagination and ingenuity.

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Suitable Topics:

* Cheap ingredients (corn meal, bacon grease, beans, etc.)
* Tricks with cheap ingredients (zucchini milk, etc.)
* How to obtain cheap or free food (let your neighbors know you'll take zucchini, go hunting or fishing, garden or raise small livestock)
* Reviews of suitable cookbooks (Sylvia's Soul Food Cookbook, White Trash Cookin' etc.)
* Discussions of ethnic food that's cheap to make (soul food, Indian cuisine)
* Recipes that don't cost much to make (Cabbage and Potato Soup, dal)
* Things to do with leftovers or extra parts of food (chicken bone soup, ham bone & beans, leftover turkey salad)
* How to substitute cheaper ingredients for expensive ones
* How to stretch expensive ingredients so they go farther

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Posting Recipes:

1) Please include as many details as you can regarding amounts, cooking times, number of servings, etc. Precision is not required if you don't have the information, but the more you can share, the more useful the recipe will be.

2) It also helps to specify whether or not you've tried a recipe yourself, and if so, what you and/or other people thought of it. Untried recipes are okay, though, especially if someone requests a particular kind of recipe and you have such on hand.

3) When naming family recipes, use a disctinctive title if at all possible. "Grandma Brown's Chicken Soup" is better than "Grandma's Chicken Soup," which is better than plain "Chicken Soup." If you're naming a new recipe, be creative as well as descriptive: "Amazing Mango Ham" is more memorable than "Ham that I basted with mango puree."

4) If you post a recipe directly from a cookbook or other reference, please cite the source so people can look up more recipes there. Give the title, author, publisher, and copyright date (and preferably page number) for hardcopy sources; give at least the title and URL for online sources.

On Civility:

1) Please remember that you are dealing with real live people in this community, not cyber-ghosts. Speak the truth gently if possible, firmly if necessary. Treat other folks with respect, and otherwise conduct yourself as a mature, responsible, civilized person.

2) Free speech is a right. That doesn’t mean it can’t be abused. It also does not entitle anyone to a captive audience. Thus, comments detrimental to the positive exchange of ideas may be removed.

3) You don’t necessarily have to agree with other people. Avoiding logical fallacies in your counter-arguments is prudent. Congenial discussion or rational debate is preferred to name-calling, vulgarity, or other verbal litter.

4) Some members may have children with them while they are reading this community, so bear that in mind with regards to language.

5) Try to be sensitive and sensible about politics, class issues, sexism, racism, religion etc. Those can be touchy issues in places where people are bargain-hunting for survival. The focus here is food.

6) Aim for affordable ingredients, but don't pick on someone else if they use something that's out of your personal budget. People's definition of "cheap" will vary and that's okay. Try to avoid ingredients that are usually expensive, like lobster.